Consulting & expertise: areas of intervention

According to Cases on Hand:
Real estate law, insurance, taxation, etc. to optimize your choices, depending on your individual situation and your projects
Space distribution and optimization of renovation work, practical assistance, for the maintenance of properties
Assistance of a notary, lawyer, architect, if needed

Assessment & Expertise:
Expertise in the case of succession, donation, sale of company shares, settlement agreements, in light of the specific characteristics of each property - maintenance costs, condominium, status, distribution, etc.- which may have an impact on its value

Rural land ownership, Land, Subdivisions:
We are also dealing with rural real estate law related to forestry or agricultural properties -land associations- or special operations of building plots or permit applications

Expatriates in France and French Assistance for French Overseas Residents:
One-stop shop real estate for real estate issues from abroad
We assist you in English or other foreign language if necessary